The Value Of A Driver’s License

Thu 27 October 2016

In today’s fast paced world, people want independence and comfort. Driving your own car gives you the freedom to keep pace with the outside world. But just knowing how to drive and owning a car does not make you eligible to drive. A valid driver’s license is crucial to take the seat of pride with honor. The license comes with loads of responsibilities. A driver’s license can be defined as a document of proof to allow a driver to drive on the public road on a motorized vehicle. Call the DVLA number to know more about the driver’s license process. You can also check for the same information.

Owning a driver’s license is crucial and the following points reiterate this point.

Age factor A person who is above the age of 17 years is eligible to apply for a car driver’s license. A license shows that the driver is qualified and experienced to drive a motor vehicle.

Identity proof The driver’s license is not just a proof to hit the road legally. It is also a valuable identity proof. It is a certification that you are a reliable and responsible person apart from certifying you to drive on the roads. It is also a photo identity and resident proof.

Mandatory for designations The driver’s license is not just an identity proof, but it is more than just that. The driving licensed is issued by the DSA and is a valuable document. The license is issued after the person passes a two phase test in driving. A driver’s license is mandatory not just for self driving but even if you want to convert your car into a cab.

Traffic rules awareness It is absolutely mandatory for any driver to follow the traffic rules and regulations, irrespective of which country or state he/she lives in. The driver’s license is a proof that shows that you are aware of the rules of the road and take every effort to strictly adhere to the rules.

Mitigates risk A person behind the wheels is not just responsible for their own life and those travelling with them. Apart from this their responsibility extends to third persons on the road. People who are driving on the same road and pedestrians are at a risk, if you are not qualified and experienced to drive. The driver’s license ensures that the risk of accidents is mitigated because of your training to drive in public places.

Pleasure of driving Everyone loves the independence you get while flying on the wheels. Once you get a driving license, you have the liberty to drive anywhere in the state. You can reach your work place on time, go out shopping, pick or drop a friend or relation.

Driver’s license is not just an official document to prove you could drive safely and responsibility but it gives status in the society qualifying you as a responsible person. A person with driver’s license gives you less chance of making mistakes on the road when compared to those without a license. The driver is asked to clear both theory and practical tests to qualify for a license. Once both the tests are cleared the license is provided for a stipulated time period.

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