An Insight to Diabetes - The over sizing threat

Mon 24 October 2016

Diabetes is the most common disease which needs to be treated with unique care. Once considered as the disease of the wealthy, this real threat is spreading across all the developing countries. Cases multiplied to greater numbers and today, it is estimated that 1 in 11 people of the world is diagnosed with diabetes. And the fact is that, two thirds of all new cases belong to the middle or low income countries. The Daniel’s Diabetic Miracleew is one of the popular natural cures for diabetes. Many studies have been made to find a complete cure with natural aids; however scientists have not yet reached a better conclusion with their findings than with this power program. Diabetes is a disease case in which our body fails to regulate the blood glucose levels due to a number of reasons which is best described at

Many genetic and cultural reasons contribute to diabetes. The transition of diet is the major cause for this. The traditional diet has been replaced by rice, sugar, flour, canned foods and sugary beverages. It may be regarded as a sign of prestige; however, it invites all those unwanted diseases to deter your health. Long term complexities of diabetes develop slowly. Regulation of blood sugar becomes a hurdle if left untreated. Diabetes complications are life threatening too. According to World Health Organization (WHO) more than 347 million people around the world have diabetes.

Is Diabetes Life Threatening?

People with diabetes are more likely to develop cardiac ailments. The continuous sensitivity to insulin-glucagon levels decreases the ability of hormones to maintain constant blood flow towards heart. Thus the arteries get narrowed, leading to stroke and chest pain. Diabetes associated neuropathy is the common among elderly category. The rising glucose levels rupture the capillary walls of your nerves. It may lead to tingling and burning sensation concentrating on the tip and toes, spreading slowly throughout the body. Without proper care, it can end up to complete numbness. Digestive tract nerve damage can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and constipation.

Nephropathy, otherwise kidney damage is another diabetic attack. The sensitive capillary bed called glomerulus is weakened, leading to filtration issues and kidney damage permanently. Apart from that, diabetic retinopathy, another outcome of the diabetes, may potentially lead to blindness. Cataracts and glaucoma are also its associated illness. The rheumatoid arthritis is another serious result of diabetes, where blood flow to the foot is affected. Usually, the blisters, cuts or wounds are unable to get healed that eventually require amputation. Hearing loss problems are also associated with diabetes. Diabetic people have more incidences of bacterial and fungal infections.

Gestational Diabetes is another serious implication which can affect both the mother and the baby. Untreated and uncontrolled sugar levels during pregnancy can be a threat to your baby. The baby growth is increased dramatically because of the loss of insulin sensitivity of the baby’s pancreas. Very large babies require C-section birth also. Hypoglycaemia develops in the baby due to higher insulin production in mothers. If these conditions are not well treated, it can even terminate your life.

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